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We search and compare prices from a wide network of Verified manufacturers and distributers and provide product consultations so that you make informed decisions that fit your budget.

Let us know what’s on your mind and we will help you with sourcing for all your products and services to run your projects smoothly.

limited space
Can be costly because insufficient reagent in storage can affect your scientific progress

Moderation: Well-balanced reagent inventory
As in anything in life moderation is a key to save yourself from the stress of not having enough or wasting too much.

Excess: stop wasting

Reagents with limited shelf life could expire before use so by not keeping too much you prevent from wasting and save money.

You have limited space and always in need of an expanding stock room - no problem

LabExpedia is introducing our “LabExpedia Store & Deliver Program for Research Centers”. Let us manage your stock room more efficiently as we can provide you with nearby off-site storage for biotech centralized business areas including temperature-controlled environments. (Contact us for more details).