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Sourcing for Products and Services

Let us know what’s on your mind and we will help you with sourcing for all your products and services to run your projects smoothly.

We search and compare prices from a wide network of Verified manufacturers and distributers and provide product consultations so that you make informed decisions that fit your budget.

Once our sales team receives your request, they have the unique advantage of LabExpedia’s access to brand names from qualified manufactures and distributors.

We will quote exact match and with your approval suggest alternate product(s) of the same or better quality and make recommendations to best fit within your budget.

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A. Products

LabExpedia – How do we do it?

We offer a fast and reliable system to meet your procurement needs. You tell us what you require and when and through our one-stop portal, LabExpedia goes to work including a unique service whereas multiple sellers can bid through the LabExpedia reverse auction process to insure you receive the lowest item price.

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B. Services

LabExpedia understands that when it comes to your research projects, properly setting up, calibrating and maintaining equipment is required to generate accurate and reproducible results every time.

  • Equipment Calibration and Repair
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Equipment Installation and Qualification
  • Decommissioning
  • Relocation Services

We compile and compare service prices among multiple providers to help select the best price. At LabExpedia, we stand behind our providers to meet and exceed your expectations with a commitment towards your full satisfaction.

LabExpedia can send out multiple service requests for your instrument from verified support and repair service providers.

Let’s get started - select the link below to access our information gathering Form to start the process.

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C. Sourcing for Sample Request

LabExpedia can help you with your sample request by simply filling out the form below

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D. Sourcing for Demo Request

LabExpedia can arrange demo request of your desired product by simply filling out this form below

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